Building on its varied expertise and domain knowledge, Endue Corp. offers clients a wide range IT and R&D services. These services enable business to "Do Business Better" through optimum use of technology and process excellence and help you to perform in this dynamic market environment

The Seamless Infotainment Experience

Whether it is a smart phone, a tablet, a home entertainment device, an auto entertainment system, printer, point of sale equipment, a consumer durable, a medical device - each serves a unique requirement and delivers a user experience. The user experience combines entertainment, information, and analytics.

Supporting these user experiences are architectures combining applications, GUI, middleware, operating systems, VLSI, electrical, and mechanical elements - all synchronized to the end user experience while ensuring green designs, cost optimization, and scaleability.

Endue Corp. provides insight into these user experiences and an end to end design capability to deliver it.

Mobility for the enterprise

The mobile workforce is here and growing. It needs to be enabled to be productive anywhere, anytime.

Endue Corp. provides insight into the business processes which can be "mobilized" for different industries, and technology solutions to enable it.

Computing and data management for the 24x7 world

The world never sleeps. There is always a consumer or an employee who is accessing the enterprise compute resources. Add to it the growth in multimedia traffic, social networking, big data analytics, and e - commerce.

All of these need a different approach to compute, store and data management architectures, which Endue Corp. has solutions for


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